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How Anyone Can Achieve Their Ultimate Dreams Without Stress Or Effort
From: Jay 

Keep an eye out for our pop-up promos 'cuz there's a few lined up these next few months.

If you're looking for the EZDSIT webstore and blog, the doors are shut! Well, still slightly cracked I guess.

A heartfelt thank you for the love you've shown me. Although I've moved on to healthier pastures, I have love for the industry and won't forget how I got to where I am today..

It's all thanks to loyal supporters of EZDSIT.

From backyard to print shop:

I invested $2,000.00 in some second-hand printing equipment I found on CraigsList.

‣  I knew NOTHING about how to design..
‣  I knew NOTHING about how to print..
‣  I knew NOTHING about how to sell..
‣  I knew NOTHING about how to start a business..

But guess what happened?

‣  Graphics were being designed in Adobe Illustrator.
‣  Tees, sweaters, and jackets alike were all getting printed around the clock.
‣  Sales were being made all over San Diego (then eventually all over the world).
‣  Business grew from a shed in my backyard to an industrial print shop in Santee, CA.

How'd I do it?

Sorry, no "magic bullet" here.

Truth is,

Nothing happened on it's own (I learned a few things along the way)..

There was no hack or no secret,

No lucky event that changed the direction of the business,

Just hard work, long nights, and me taking action towards my goals.

Taking the necessary risks to go out and fight for your dream is cliche as heck,

but my bet is that most of the people you know are either still trying to figure out what to do to "make money", "get by", or are stuck in a job they don't love.

You one of them?

Are you one of the people that have always had desires for more but never had the guts to actually do anything about it?

I gotta say how contradictory people sound when they say they want so badly to become successful,

yet won't even pick up a book to sharpen their mind.

They'd much rather spend their nights resting and weekends partying..

Get outta here with that.

Success is easy if you want it bad enough, period.

When you're determined, there's no such thing as sacrifice - the toll on the Highway to Success is peanuts.

I've picked up some things along the way but I'm not gonna teach here cuz it's not the place

(the most important lessons are in this book)

but I'll leave with this:

EVERYTHING is hard before it becomes easy;

Any expert started out as a beginner who had no idea what he/she was doing:

‣  Every person once spent months learning how to walk..
‣  Every famous painter once had to learn how to mix colors..
‣  Every player in the NBA once had to learn how to dribble..
‣  Every pro was once a newbie.. 

So break out of your fear prison,

take risks,

be willing to fail, 

and bet a little bit of that money on yourself.

You are better than you think..

Thank you once again for supporting EZDSIT..

It was the springboard to the success I needed to what I'm enjoying today..

And for that, I'm humbled and thankful.

Btw I'm here on Facebook.

Feel free to shoot me a message and I'll reply.

Do great things,

Jay Magpantay


As of February 2016, I'm now living in Southeast Asia.

I'm living a freedom life thanks to my coaching/consulting business that I operate entirely online.

I've authored a book with the 7 steps I've taken to achieve business success. 

If you want a free copy, mouse pound here:

Best of the best to you my friend,

Cheers to your success.

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